Bridging investors, industries and consumers across borders.

INVESTDIALOG is a multipolar organization.
We provide consulting services as well as trade and services platforms to ease international exchanges

Nordic Gardens :
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture in Eurasia with the objective to promote rural development through the combination of farming, agroforestry and local processing of natural resources.
  • Development of cross border regional value chains in the biomaterials and bioenergies space.
  • Supporting educational programs related to agriculture and natural areas protection.

Eurasia to World :
Supporting Chinese and Eurasian, industries and investors to achieve their international development :
  • Cross border Legal and advisory services
  • Organizing visits & deals intermediation
  • Co-investment in industrial projects
  • Assistance to business and sales development in Europe, Central Asia, Latin America.

Eurasian-Arabic Science & Education cooperation platform
A platform to ease scientific cooperation between universities and industries to develop innovative technologies and promote high level education :
  • Joint research programs in both business and sciences
  • High focus on Sustainability standards, Biochemistry, Material science, Agriculture and Biomaterials.

Global Sustainability Program :
Backing Eurasian and Chinese industries for the implementation of a premium sustainability strategy with the objective to establish sound practices along global value chains